So… What’s The Deal With Crystal Skulls?

By Cindy Smith

OSH - Cindy and Dennis Smith - Austin Metaphysical Life Fair“So what’s the deal with the skulls?”  Dennis and I have been asked this question hundreds of times during the past 20 years or so of our business.

Most people are surprised to learn that crystal skulls contain the knowledge of the ancestors and the wisdom of the ancients. In other societies in other parts of the world, people use skulls in their homes every day for that very reason.

Let’s examine the legend of the thirteen ancient crystal skulls.

This legend exists in virtually every native society on Earth. Think, for a moment about how many native societies that would be. The legend says that the thirteen ancient crystal skulls will come back into the awareness of mankind at a time that is crucial in the evolution of mankind and crucial in the evolution of Earth. That is why, for the past few years, we’ve been seeing skulls everywhere. They’re on hats, on clothing, on backpacks. Everywhere we look, skulls are portrayed as cool and desirable. They are coming back into our awareness, inundating our conscious at this critical time. But, for me, the most intriguing and compelling aspect of this is that the Ancients could have seeded literally ANYTHING here to come back into our awareness now, anything for us to use as the all-important tool at this critical time. They could have seeded crystal spheres, or crystal eggs, or crystal fish or crystal donuts. They could have seeded ANYTHING. But, the legend is about the thirteen ancient crystal skulls. This tells us that crystal skulls are very important.

So, what do crystal skulls do for you and why would someone choose to work with them?

Crystal skulls activate dormant parts of our DNA, reveal dormant abilities and begin the release of ancient wisdom buried deep within our consciousness. They accelerate our Spiritual Growth. They guide us, teach us, enlighten us and heal us. They encourage us to walk in faith. Their abilities to assist us are limited ONLY by us. As we open our hearts and minds to this process, we get a glimpse of the bigger picture. We begin to consider that we can do and be more than we thought.

Many of us are quite unexpectedly drawn to this process.

Come by our booth and join us in this adventure. Meet ‘Osh, the ancient jade skull that travels with us. Spend some time with him. He and his companions are eager to connect with you, to work with all of us. Each person’s experience is unique. We ask that you bring an open mind, and a respect for ‘ Osh, his companions and his process.

Article by – Cindy and Dennis Smith, Oshram
October, 2014