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  1. Is it still time for vendors to participate? We are from Dallas with ten years experience. We are Lawrence Jordan Water Intuitive and Tracey Butterfly Clarke Ancient healing.

    • Hi Tracey,

      Thank you for your interest in SLP events! For vendor inquiries, please contact Marilyn Waggoner, the event owner, directly at: All new vendor inquiries and vendor information requests are handled by Marilyn exclusively. I know that she often has waiting lists for SLP events, so do get in touch with her right away and let her know your availability.

      Thank you!
      ~ Julia, the webmaster

  2. can I bring my Chihuahua if in an enclosed stroller

    • Hi, Sandra –
      You may bring our dog if you dog:
      1. has all of the current required vaccines, especially rabies.
      2. stays in the stroller at all times unless under the direct care of a practitioner at the Fair.
      3. doesn’t bark. If the dog barks, you will be asked to leave.
      4. makes any messes, you will be required to clean them up.
      I reserve the right to ask you to remove your dog from the Fair at any time.

      Marilyn Waggoner, Producer
      Spiritual Life Productions LLC

  3. Tabetha mcree says

    This may be a very odd question but my cousin is getting married this fall and I am the maid of honor, I am looking for places to celebrate for her “bachelorette party” she isn’t a big party person but she really loves anything pagan like or spiritualistic. Do you think the spiritual life fair would be a good place to bring her?

    • Hi Tabetha, it’s hard to say what your friend would like without knowing her. But our fairs have psychics, energy healers and many alternative yet spiritual attractions. And it would seem that she would likely enjoy it. I hope we get to see you both and blessed wishes on her engagement!

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