Embracing the Mystery of Energy Healing Work – by Deborah Raku

wellness-reiki-energy-healing-sessionWhat is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing work seems a bit mysterious to me. It always has. But although I can’t say I understand it, I do have a lot of experience doing sessions.

I have found that each session is unique, and what will happen during the session can never be predicted in advance. Often spirits, guides, or masters show up to help. But most importantly, it seems that each session does what that client needs most at that time. If that sounds crazy and cool, then let me say that I agree!

Some things do happen with regularity. The client is very likely to feel very peaceful and relaxed after the session – sometimes lasting for days. In addition there are likely to be physical sensations – tingling, heat, pressure, feelings of being touched when not being touched. The client may feel intense emotion or may have spiritual or mental insights. What happens for me during a session is that I feel the energy coming through and I usually also get visions of what is being worked on.

I always ask my client what happened after the session because I like to see if our experiences matched. Often they do. For me getting that feedback has helped me to realize how real (even though mysterious!) energy work is. It is tangible and transformative work that can help clear up emotional blockages, help alleviate addictions, ease physical issues, open the client up psychically, soothe fears, help the client recognize their life’s purpose, and help remind the client that they are loved just as they are.

I share what visions or impressions I got with the client after the session. In addition to the actual energy work session, I feel that this time adds another healing aspect to the energy work session and can further help the client to get the most from the work. Sometimes these visions or this information will be in the form of “homework” advice for the client to do to continue to get the benefits from the session. Sometimes the visions will help them to discover their unique purpose, enable them to recognize and release stress, or give them a creative push.

How I Started on this Mysterious Adventure

I began doing energy healing work after I experienced an intense energetic blast in Sedona, AZ in 1996. That event changed my life and put me on this part of my life’s path. After the event in Sedona, I began learning all I could about energy work and received formal training in Reiki and in Reconnective Healing. Although all my earlier roads, of course, led to here, I feel that doing this work is my main purpose in this lifetime. I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful and rewarding way to help others and myself. This work teaches me something new and inspiring about what it means to be human during every session.

Some of my Favorite Sessions from the Metaphysical Fairs

I love doing the sessions in a quiet and calm setting, but to my surprise I have found that at the metaphysical fairs, even with the shorter sessions, bright lights and background noise, I have had some of my most amazing sessions.

Here are some examples from fair sessions:

(Some identities have been slightly changed to ensure confidentiality.)

An older gentleman with long gray hair felt his heart open so much that he felt he was finally ready to be available in his relationship. As it passed through me, I felt the beauty and compassion so much that in the next few days, whenever something would touch my heartstrings, tears were not far behind. It was a great gift for me, too.

A woman employed in a technical field who always encouraged her coworkers to “play,” was told that this was her great gift in this lifetime. Instead of feeling guilty about it she realized that she was a great employee, very successful, and in addition was able to make the workplace a happier and more productive one. Her gift of “play,” since she used it well, benefited the company. I could see that this information lightened her spirits immensely.

Early during one session I could “see” that the client had habitual, almost obsessive, thought patterns. She worried about the same things over and over. My guides worked on this and cleared a lot of it out. They also gave her “homework” on what she could do to calm her thoughts whenever needed. They said she could place her attention on her crown or her heart chakra to calm her thoughts.

In another session I could sense that the client was carrying a lot of grief. It seemed to me that she had lost a baby. In fact, she had lost her teenage daughter years earlier, but since it was her youngest, she always thought of this child as her baby. This, of course, is something a mother cannot “get over,” but I could see that this got worked on during the session, and I think that it helped release and heal some of that emotion.

Final Thoughts

I hope this gives you an idea of what energy healing work is all about and what it might do for you. If you find you are really interested and curious, then I urge you to find an energy healer that you resonate with and have a session. There are many dedicated workers and many modalities to choose from. I believe that all energy workers bring their own special gifts to their practice and all work from the same place of compassion and desire to be of service. If you follow your intuition, you will find just what you need.

Thanks for reading!

Article by Deborah Raku
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