The History of the Orgone Ennergem – by Dian Mahaffey

Dian Mahhaffey - Ennergems - at Austin Metaphysical and Holistic Life EXPOIn the late 1930s, a doctor and scientist named Wilhelm Reich posited that an unseen energy permeates the Universe.

He called that energy Orgone.

He discovered that orgone energy exists in two states, Dead Orgone (DOR) and Positive Orgone (POR). His research concluded that Dead Orgone (DOR) is bad for living beings and creates sickness and disease, while Positive Orgone (POR) promotes wellness and health.

Dr. Reich discovered that layers of organic (carbon containing) material, alternating with layers of inorganic (metal) material would create an effect that balanced DOR and POR in the immediate environment.

In the late 1990s, other researchers (Don Croft at, for one) began creating a matrix with the same properties, mixing epoxy resin (the organic layer) with metal shavings (the inorganic layer) to create Positive Orgone (POR). Quartz crystals were added to increase the intensity of the field generated and to create devices that actually transformed the DOR into POR, instead of just balancing them.

Dead Orgone (DOR) produces vibrations that are emitted by microwave, electromagnetic, and extra low-frequency devices, such as appliances, televisions, computers, electrical wiring, relay towers , and the ubiquitous cell phone. It is also found at sites of “geopathic” stress and where great trauma has occurred. Pollution, smog, chemtrails, and areas of stagnant energy contain DOR. When the deadly DOR is converted to POR, nature itself is better able to heal and balance.

Ennergems produce orgone energy and aid in converting DOR to POR by transforming negative vibrations into positive healing vibrations. Ennergems not only contain quartz crystals and gold leaf, they also include gemstones for the positive properties and unique qualities that they emit. They can be used in the home and worn in beautiful jewelry with the advantage of being both eye-catching and protective.

Ennergems bring positive energy, harmony and peace into your environment and the environment of others you meet. Gift a friend with and Ennergem and contribute to the positive energy of our world.

Article by Dian Mahaffey
Creator of Ennergems
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