Gifts from Lemuria – by Teri Van Horn

Gifts From Lemuria - by Teri Van Horn - Learn more about Lemuria and Atlantis
Throughout history, we’ve heard about how magnificent Atlantis was.

That it was this magical island, where humanity was extremely advanced and where we first learned to work with the energy of crystals, as well as being the originators of the Mystery School teachings of the Hindu, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Western European civilizations.

It’s been ‘common knowledge’ that Atlantean and Lemurian cultures have existed in excess of ten thousand years ago. However, I’ve learned over the years, that many of the things that we’ve learned about Atlantis and her sister island, Lemuria, were very different.

Based on many past life travels and astral traveling even now, I know that Lemuria came well before Atlantis, although the Atlantean civilization was eventually formed while Lemuria was in existence – they both were destroyed by a catastrophic event. Some say it was the flood, some say that it was massive explosions. Either way, two amazing and powerful civilizations were destroyed, with little remnants to share with the rest of us.

We know quite a bit about Atlantis: it was cultured, it was a gleaming island city, a circle within a circle of some of the most intelligent beings who have ever graced this planet. When I see Atlantis, it reminds me of a futuristic space city – shining silver and (of course) lots of crystal. The overall tone of this magnificent island is all about technology. Lots of gleaming buildings, temples, even the houses are white and shiny. I see it a cross between something in a sci-fi movie, mixed with ancient Grecian/Roman architecture. The residents are in white, silver or metallic fabrics. Quite simply, it’s a shining star on the planet.

But… we also know that Atlantis became corrupt – the people acquired a thirst for power and its magnificence faded dramatically. This is what led to the massive catastrophe that ended both islands.

However, Lemuria was the true jewel in Earth’s crown – in fact, I’d be willing to venture to say our galaxy’s crown! Until recently, not much was written about Lemuria, and it’s still difficult to get much information about this stunning land.

The first time I ‘visited’ Lemuria was a few years ago, when working with an ancient piece of jade. I met a new guide at that time and she took me to Lemuria in her ship. First we traveled over the lands, which were magnificent. If you’ve seen the movie Avatar, you know what the black/white version of Lemuria is. She is so much more beautiful than what we saw in that movie, but in many ways, very similar. Lemuria was a tropical paradise! Where you saw bright and shiny metal buildings in Atlantis, Lemuria had buildings made of a superior form of clay and thatch. (That is the best way I can describe it.) They also used stones in their buildings, along with wood – but only trees that had fallen naturally. Lemurians excelled in conservation.

Where Atlanteans were cold and overly logical and technical – Lemurians were all about love for their community and nature. In fact, although they had villages, everyone worked together in each aspect of daily life. Some grew food, others harvested, some helped raise the children, others taught, some were healers, others were organizers, and still some were the most beautiful musicians ever heard. Every person in that society had a role that they filled within 110% of their ability.

If you had seen Lemuria superficially, you’d think that it was a bunch of natives – yet they were really the more advanced culture, because they valued all life – not just humans and what they could create, and they were highly intelligent. In truth, they were able to form a direct connection to the energy bodies of plants and animals around them. According to mystic Rudolf Steiner, the Lemurians were born magicians in all fields of lower human activities. (Meaning anything that wasn’t considered to be high technology, like Atlanteans).

Lemurian institutions of higher learning focused on teaching initiates secret techniques enabling them to control the forces of nature by direct contemplation. It is said that these Lemurian Mystery Schools “stood far above what mankind has since acquired in the way of arts and sciences.” They were called “colleges of will power and of the clairvoyant power of the imagination. From them emerged men who became, in every respect, rulers of the others.”

Yet for those in the Lemurian Mystery Schools, life was exalted beyond what we know today. “The uninitiated, of course, stood under the magical influence of the initiated,” says Steiner. “It was also natural that the latter considered themselves sanctified personages. . . They looked into the creative workshop of nature. They experienced a communion with the beings who built the world itself. One can call this communion an association with the gods.”

In the later periods of the more highly developed Lemurian civilization, the role of female initiates was paramount, and that these female initiates were responsible for planting the seeds of the knowledge of good and evil in the soul of mankind, as well as for developing the first human awareness of beauty, and for cultivating the first human language, which was a kind of song.

Thus all subsequent human civilizations owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Lemurian Priestesses, who created the first Mystery Schools teaching enlightenment through direct experience of nature, the first human system of ethics, the first art and highly developed system of aesthetics and the first, prototypical human language.

Those from Lemuria were the original Lightworkers… many who have come back to Earth at this time to help bring us back to these utopian times. In fact, although they did not necessarily travel to Atlantis, they could feel – through the Earth’s vibrations – that there was trouble brewing on those islands.

Once the Lemurians began really hearing the warning messages of the Earth and Mother Nature, they knew that life as they knew it was about to end. Therefore, they began implanting their knowledge into very special quartz crystals and planted them around the planet, as Earth Keepers, which are exalted beings whose primary purpose was to act as the guardians of the ecosystem. These amazing crystals were also to be used to impart their vast knowledge of nature, crystals, herbs, music, medicine, social constructs, and energy work to us… once we were ready to receive that information.

Over the last thirty years, rock hounds, Lightworkers and crystal healers have discovered a unique variety of quartz crystal found in one remote region of Brazil, as well as the mountains of Arkansas, the Himalayas, and other regions, (more being discovered daily) which are said to resonate with the energy signature of the ancient Lemurian civilization, and which are highly prized for their unique metaphysical properties.

The Lemurians were said to be Earth Keepers, connected to the energies of those Divine Beings who structured the physical manifestation of Mother Earth and who provided the energetic templates for the web of life on this planet, which remain today in the etheric plane, alongside the Akashic Records.

The Lemurian quartz crystals have been identified as tools of the present era’s Lightworkers whose task is to preserve the environment — those known as Protectors of Mother Earth.

These Protectors, modern day Earth Keepers, often use Lemurian crystals to unify their energies with Lightworkers throughout the world and beyond, to perform collective meditations for the benefit of the environment and all the beings who dwell on Earth.

Many of us are working towards this today – helping to save the Earth from all of its destructive forces – through human negligence, as well as negative energies who have been attacking this planet for many 1000’s of years.

This is part of my purpose here on Earth, just as it is to teach others about the powerful qualities of Lemurian crystals, so that together, we can all create the Utopia that we once lived back in Lemuria.

Article by Teri Van Horn
Healer and Healing Light Radio Show Host