Pranic Healing: It’s not Magic! It’s Just Energy!

By Renée Deubner

Ever had that uneasy tightness in your chest making it difficult to breathe?  Why, yes!  Hello, stress!

Stress and I have had a long relationship.  I would do yoga and meditations to feel better and alleviate stress, but it always kept coming back as soon as I was off the mat or the cushion.  I was taking the steps to live more stress-free, but I felt as though I was only getting so far with it.

That’s when I wandered into a pro-bono pranic energy healing clinic in Austin to give it a try.  What in the world did I have to lose?  It’s just energy!  Well, I did lose something ~ that tightness in my chest as well as a huge weight off my shoulders!  I came back week after week to release my stress, worry and anxiety.  I learned quickly that it’s not a one-and-done kind of healing.  The emotional junk comes back, or rather, new junk comes up to be released.  Now I’m a volunteer pranic energy healer in the same pro-bono clinic, helping others deal with their emotional and physical pain, and I have a much greater appreciation for how energy affects the body.

Pranic healing focuses on cleaning and energizing the major and minor chakras (energy centers) of body as well as the functions and organs related to those chakras.  pranic healing hand ball of energy - designed by Aberrant CrochetCertain chakras and organs hold onto negative emotions that can make us feel yucky!  Who knew that anger gets trapped in the liver?  And, guess where stress lives in the body?  Right where the tightness in the chest is felt: the solar plexus.  Just because stress is held in the solar plexus doesn’t mean that it’s not felt all over the body!  Tight jaw?  Grinding teeth?  Palpitations of the heart?  All the chakras, organs and their functions are related.

Pranic energy healing can remove this negative energy, but there’s a small caveat.  The patient has to be willing on some level to let it go, or the benefits of a healing will be brief.  And here’s caveat number 2:  long-term, long-lasting healing requires the patient to try to examine the emotional issue and then say, “I’m so done with this!!”  To me as a healer, the difference in the weight of the energy I’m clearing between someone who is ready to shift and someone who’s not ready to let go is like a bag of feathers versus a 200 lb. weight.  The feathers fly off the body whereas the 200 lb. weight is solid and sometimes refuses to move.

As a pranic healer, do I still get stressed?  You bet.  That’s part of living, BUT it’s nothing like it was before.  I have the awareness of when it shows up and some wonderful tools for dealing with it.

There’s nothing magical about pranic healing.  It’s just energy, and energy is infinite!  Do you think you might want to try it?  The pro-bono pranic healing clinics are a great way to see what it’s all about.  Check out Austin Pranic Healing on for a clinic location near you.

Article by Renée Deubner
Pranic Healing with Renée

To learn more about Renée’s work, visit her website here.  Renée is a regular vendor at Austin Holistic Life Fair.  Meet her in person at our show this month on November 15 – 16, 2014.