Soul-Speak: Connecting to Your Inner Self – by Leslie Werling

Yoga, Meditation, Inner SelfWhen the soul speaks it can take on any language, any form.

It can be an act, a phrase, an image, a voice. For each of us it is familiar, powerful, loving and kind.

It is our Truth.

To fully achieve this blessed connection takes a quiet mind and an open heart.

Doing so is not a gift or an act that one person deserves more so than another, but a connection we should all aim to achieve. It is within this realm that all of our answers lie, where healing awaits and understanding grows.

How beautiful would life be if we could all achieve such a high level of communication! I can imagine a world filled with joyful, loving, successful people living harmoniously as one. Peace, love and prosperity would reign supreme and positive energy would flow abundantly, encouraging life where boundaries don’t exist and dreams come true at the blink of an eye. It would be beyond amazing. It would be… Heaven!

Fortunately, we all have the ability, the right and the opportunity to connect to our souls at such a level. For some, the life path makes the potential to achieve such a connection greater than for others – easier than for others. Make no mistake … we all have the ability, the right and the opportunity. If we can harness time and energy to put toward a connection with the Higher Self we could eventually remove the blocks we’ve created and allow the awakening (or should I say reawakening?) to hear our souls speak!

I offer my belief that the best way to achieve such a beautiful gift is through the art of meditation.

Through countless readings and other healing exercises I have been blessed to offer, seekers are continuously encouraged to open their own channel to the Higher Self in order to get the answers they seek. This art form can mean something different to each individual. Artists are able to connect when creating their craft, musicians when the playing or singing, athletes when they are in sport, yogis when they are in practice. For me it means simply channeling the white light of the Creator or stepping into the soul light that lies within the physical body. It’s an experience that can be self-led or guided, and which method you choose and when is often best determined by your current ability to achieve mental focus.

For a more traditional act of meditation, if you are able to focus on your inner light and can quiet a chattering mind, try connecting to the soul through self-led practice. A quiet atmosphere is strongly encouraged, or at least surroundings where the natural noise will aid you in deepening your focus. This is especially great when you have a clear concept of what you want or need to achieve in this “space” and you have practiced the art before.

For times in life when a quiet mind and concentration are hard to come by, guided meditation through a class, podcast, video or other means is often recommended. Using an outside element to connect is fantastic because it allows you to lose yourself in the meditation on a level that can be difficult to achieve when walking ourselves through practice. It can also be responsible for introducing us to a multitude of experiences we may never have known were possible in meditation!

Whichever means you use to connect, know that it is never the “wrong” way.

And that different circumstances in life may call for variation in how you may connect at any given time.

The important element here is that you are reaching inward versus always seeking the answers externally… Getting the guidance you need directly from your soul!

Once you developed a practice don’t hesitate to ask your guides for signs to support the insight you have received. This may come to you in many forms: reoccurring thoughts and feelings, repetition of something you hear or see, the presence of animals, dreams, numbers, etc. Pay particular attention if you have an “experience” while pondering the topic you are seeking answers to. If you are unsure of what the guidance is, you can ask for clarity in a way that will be undeniable for you to grasp.

As you work toward gaining insight from your Higher Self, be sure to get your mind out of the way and open your heart to the message.

When the soul speaks it will always lead you toward your Truth so that joy and prosperity can come into your life!

Article by Leslie Werling, Psychic Medium
Lightwork By Leslie

Connecting To Your Inner Self Through Meditation