Fly Out Of Your Cage – by Tyffany Howard, JD

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Today, I was doing some spring cleaning and came across a short article entitled, How To Love Yourself, by Louise Hay in 1988. I have a tendency to collect inspirational or self-improvement material, but I don’t know how long I’ve had this article. When I found it, I was grateful that I had the forethought to save it and find it at just the right time.

Of the 10 suggestions for loving yourself, No. 7 seemed to resonate so strongly with my heart, that my soul had me stop what I was doing and sit still, letting the words really sink in. No.7 says: “Be loving to your negatives. Acknowledge that you created them to fulfill a need.” As I absorbed the words, I immediately heard my inner voice whisper, “your cage.” When I heard those words, “your cage,” I knew exactly what the voice was telling me. I recently published my first book and I realized that my negatives: self-sabotage, self-criticism, self-hatred, procrastination, self-judgment and self-punishment were standing guard at the door of an imaginary cage I had created for myself. These negatives, which I prefer to call my truths about what I believe, were created to support a belief. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks; I gave birth to these negatives in order to keep me small and to protect me. Every time, I feel like I’m on the cusp of something great or I’m coasting and it feels to good to be true, I summon my protectors. To my ego, this book was a bigger, better and abundant-producing experience, so my protectors mounted their horses, armed themselves and marched in front of the door of my cage. My mind had even created a not-so fun game called “let’s see how I can keep you in your place.”

At an early age, I learned that being big and living abundantly was dangerous. So little Tyffany’s ego had to create these dark friends (the negatives) to keep her safe. Little Tyffany’s belief that she would be criticized, ostracized, persecuted and disliked if she was visible was just enough to have her sprint to that cage herself. Little Tyffany became adult Tyffany and adult Tyffany didn’t want to become well-known and abundant because I might become greedy, live extravagantly, and lose my soul. Somehow, I equated living the life that I was intended to live with danger. So I created a cage and then these negatives (really fears) to protect me from becoming bigger, better and more abundant.

Now, as I look back over my life, I recognize each time my protectors interceded. Realizing what my ego had been doing, I had a releasing ceremony. I called all my negatives (fears) in one-by-one, speaking their names out loud, thanking each one for a job well done, told them that I no longer needed their protection and was freeing them and me, and then I released them by doing a couple of rounds of EFT tapping. Tapping on your body with your fingers and speaking the truth about how you feel can free you from the limitations that prevent you from living the life that you want to live. What negatives or truths have you created to fulfill a need? Do you want to be free of them? Learn EFT tapping so that you, too, can fly out of your cage.

About the Author
Tyffany Howard is a criminal defense attorney and motivational speaker turned Reiki Master, women’s personal and spiritual coach, and a student of life. Born in Austin, Tyffany graduated from Reagan High School. After high school, she obtained a BA from USC in Los Angeles, MA from USD in San Diego and a JD from the Univ. of Houston. She’s the owner of Healing Pathways.

Tyffany was introduced to tapping at the Sedona Mago Retreat in Cottonwood, Arizona and later completed EFT Level 1 and 2 with Kay Christopher, certified as a practitioner by EFT founder Gary Craig. Tyffany lives in Austin with her wonderful companion, Chief Justice, a twelve-year-old brown-and-white Chihuahua.

Book: tap that! - by Tyffany HowardTyffany’s book “tap that!” is available for purchase at Balboa Press

It is also available for purchase at

Connect with Tyffany via her Facebook page at

Free 2014 Predictions Panel Night!

Spiritual Life Productions - Predictions Panel 2014

Spiritual Life Productions (SLP) is proud to present their annual Predictions Night and Metaphysical Fair taking place January 17 – 19, 2014.

On Friday, January 17 at 7:00 p.m. join the panelists Yanie Brewer, Elaine Ireland, Joe Nicols, Cindy Smith and Terre Walker for our FREE Predictions Night.  Panelists for this year’s represent are some of the most experienced astrologers, psychics and mediums in the Austin area.  In addition, Cindy Smith offers an opportunity to channel OSH, the ancient jade skull, to answer questions about 2015 from the audience.  Admission to the Panel is free.  (Please arrive early!)

Each one of our veteran experts will share their professional thoughts, ideas, inspiration and predictions on what’s in store for local, state, national and global events, news and more for the New Year of 2014.

More about the Predictions Panelists for 2014:

Joe Nicols’ (Palmist & Psychic)

Elaine Ireland (Psychic & Tarot)

Yanie Brewer (Medium)

Terre Walker (Astrologer)

Cindy Smith (Channel & Psychic)

After all Panelists have finished their predictions we will open up for anyone in the audience to ask a question. All questions must be about things pertaining to local, state, national or global events and happenings. Questions of a personal nature will not be accepted.

In the past this event has been standing room only and we had to turn people away at the door. Seating in the lecture hall will fill up quickly. Plan on getting here by 6:20 for the best opportunity for a seat.

Copies of Panelists’ Predictions will be posted above as available.

Predictions Panel Night is just the start of a great Metaphysical weekend as Spiritual Life Productions presents the first Metaphyscial Life Fair of 2014 on Saturday and Sunday right after predictions night.

Click Here for Saturday and Sunday Metaphysical Fair Details

Friday, January 17, 2014
7pm – 9pm


Marchesa Hall & Theatre
6406 N. IH35
Suite 3100
Austin, Texas 78752
Across from Highland Mall facing Middle Fiskville Road

Please note the map and GPS address below to help you find the Marchesa Hall & Theatre.  Or just click on the map for directions from Google Maps.  We’ll see you Friday evening January 17th!


New Horizons

We all have them don’t we. New horizons to explore, new challenges to overcome and new steps to take which seem to show up whather we’re ready for them or not.

Some are exciting. Some are sublime. Some are scary (or at least the stories we tell ourselves about them are).

But those very same horizons, challenges and steps are vital to our core ability to move forward on our own Spiritual Life paths.

Back in 2011 Spiritual Life Productions was created to fully take on the responsibility to produce and propel the time honored legacy of the oldest and largest metaphysical fair in Austin, Texas forward.

In two short years, and with the help and support of good people just like you, we have been able to reach a distant horizon that at one time felt so very far away.

Have there been challenges? Absolutely.

One does not step into a business with twenty plus years of local history without facing challenges. Especially a business that two years ago needed restructuring, nurturing and a breath of fresh air or two.

Two years ago, one of the toughest business challenges we faced was how to bring more attendees to the fairs.

Helping all of our attendees and fair personnel have the best experiences possible while attending or providing services and products at the fairs was a part of that challenge too.

For Spiritual Life Productions that answer still comes down to just one word. Education. We are an educational based business first and foremost. Problem solved.

The hardest business decision made back then was to actually help the business grow larger by going smaller (and yes there are a lot of paradoxes in business just like there are in life).

Our Metaphysical Life Fairs grew then and continue to grow in popularity and size today. So we’ve grown bigger and now look forward to a brand new horizon for further growth in our educational outreach.

Due to an ongoing focus on developing Metaphysical Life Fair opportunities to the fullest, Holistic Service Providers, Holistic Practitioners and Holistic Product Vendors have not been included in the fairs (with a few exceptions over the years).

Until now…

Introducing a brand new addition to our Spiritual Life Productions scheduleHolistic Life Fairs!

Yes. That’s right. We are expanding to include separate Holistic focused fairs for our community here in Austin!

The mission of our Holistic Life Fairs parallels that of The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) “promoting the holistic principle of honoring the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) and encouraging people to actively take part in their own health and healthcare”.

Our NEW Holistic Life Fairs create additional opportunity to expand your mind plus deliver the quality of information you desire on different aspects of Spirituality, enlightenment, good health and alternative Holistic based choices.

Spiritual Life Productions Holistic Life Fairs will give you a chance to meet and interact directly with a variety of Holistic Health Professionals, Holistic Products & Service Providers and others like you with an interest in Holistic Modalities and Educational opportunities.

Currently there is a waiting list for table and booth space for our popular Metaphysical Life Fairs however at the time of this post we still a few booth spaces available for our very first Holistic Life Fair two day event on September 14 and 15, 2013.

If you or someone you know has an interest in participating and is a Holistic Health Professional, Holistic Products or Holistic Services Provider contact Marilyn at Spiritual Life Productions here. Please include a phone number.

Meanwhile what is on your next horizon? What new challenges are you facing? What next steps are you taking on your Spiritual Life path?

Whatever those horizons, challenges or steps might be, our best advice is to just keep going. You never know what possibilities exist until you do.

We look forward to your continuing support of the Metaphysical Life Fairs and seeing you at our NEW Holistic Life Fairs soon!

Behind the Scenes…

This video was shot one morning (a year or so ago) before the doors opened as the readers and vendors prepared for another busy day. Watch for cameos from folks who did not know the camera was running:

Thanks to Elaine Ireland for doing a wonderful impromptu interview with Ginger and Chris Pennell from The Spirit Quest Center!

Free 2013 Predictions Panel Night!

Join us as we welcome in the New Year with one of Spiritual Life Productions most anticipated annual events of 2013!

What:  Predictions Panel Night

Date:  Friday, January 4

Time:  7pm – 9pm

Where: Holiday Inn Austin-Midtown Click for Map & Directions

Cost:  FREE

This event is free to attend and features some of the most gifted Metaphysical Masters available in the Austin, Texas area.

Each one of our veteran experts will share their professional thoughts, ideas, inspiration and predictions on what’s in store for local, state, national and global events, news and more for the New Year of 2013.

Predictions Panelists joining us for the evening are…

Joe Nicols’ (Palmist & Psychic)

Click here to download Joe’s 2013 Predictions PDF

Elaine Ireland (Psychic & Tarot)

Yanie Brewer (Medium)

Click here to download Yanie’s 2013 Predictions PDF

Terre Walker  (Astrologer)

Cindy Smith (Channel & Psychic)

After all Panelists have finished their predictions  we will open up for anyone in the audience to ask a question. All questions must be about things pertaining to local, state, national or global events and happenings. Questions of a personal nature will not be accepted.

Last year this event was standing room only and we had to turn people away at the door. Seating in the lecture hall will fill up quickly. Plan on getting here by 6:30 at the latest for the best opportunity for a seat.

Copies of available Panelists Predictions are posted above under their names.

Predictions Panel Night is just the start of a great Metaphysical weekend as Spiritual Life Productions presents the first fair of 2013 on Saturday & Sunday right after predictions night…

Click Here for Saturday & Sunday Metaphysical Fair Details

We’ll see you Friday evening January 4!

Click for Map & Directions

R.A.Y. (it’s all about the kids)

Raising Awakening Youth (R.A.Y.)

Be sure and mark your calendar for our upcoming R.A.Y. gathering in November 2012! We’ll post the day, date and location as soon as plans are finalized!

Our intention is to provide relevant information, resources plus the tools for all of our spiritually awakening and metaphysically minded parents, guardians and especially our children.

Send an e-mail to SpiritualLifeProductions (at) with any questions you might have or how we might best serve you and your children in this very important work.

Here’s our contact information:

Click Here for Our Contact e-Mail & Mailing Address

Looking forward to reading your e-mails and seeing you for our next Raising Awakening Youth gathering in November 2012!

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Below are three important ways that information about what is going on in the Austin metaphysical community at large gets published and shared.

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Anne, Julia and Sara each of you contribute so much for all of us. We here at Spiritual Life Productions are grateful to each of you for including our fairs, events and news in the work you do to spread the word.

Everyone, please make sure you take advantage of all of the priceless resources Anne, Julia and Sara offer by visiting their sites (just click the images over on the right) or connecting with them on Facebook (just click the links above).

Plus you can listen on demand to the replay of my interview on the Awakening in Austin Blog Talk Radio show with Sara here…

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