Become an Empty Vessel

By Emma Ferguson

Here are some comments I have recently heard:

“I have listened to your recording of the reading over and over.  It was so helpful”.
“Emma tells me what I need to know and not just want I want to hear”.
“I can’t believe that you knew so much of what was going to happen in my life…. AND it did!”
“I feel so much better now that you have let me know my father (deceased) is doing well”.
“That was the best reading I ever had!”.

When I do a consultation, I become an empty vessel so that the wisdom of Divinity can flow into me.  It does not matter whether I am doing a Tarot Card layout, a palm reading, looking at past lives , doing a soul path reading or communicating with animals or Spirits, I am always listening to the dialogue of the highest levels of the teachers and guides of my client  The Love and Wisdom that flows through is very uplifting to the client as well as myself.  I am usually as amazed as the client in the information that comes forward.

When I was a little girl, I easily understood what motivated a person to say or do something and I assumed it was just as clear to that person.  However, when I would mention the information I perceived, the person would most often deny the facts I was stating or get angry.  After a few such episodes, I became a shy , quiet child.  It was not until my mid twenties that I would again gingerly begin to attempt to do a full blown reading.

I do not consider this world as one in which everything that will happen is laid out in stone.  This is a world with many parallel worlds that we sway back and forth through depending on the choices we make.  I consider it part of my role in a consultation to help a client  take the actions that will lead toward what they truly desire.  Along with this direction, I also help them learn some techniques to clear a pattern that brings pain or disappointment.  Usually the techniques presented are easy to do and do not take a lot of time.

Many people come wanting to know about the basics…work, money, relationships, and so forth.  I am quite comfortable working on that level as well as looking at options they have and letting them know the best looking one.  It is quite common to have a client ask about another person and it is very  easy for me to talk to that person, no matter where they are so that I can let my client know what they say in answer to a question .  Others come to me to speak about the spiritual quest they are on and that is where we get into the path of their soul and what that soul is wishing to learn.  One of my favorite things is to look beyond this realm to look at the Bigger Picture as well as communicating with guides , teachers, angels, nature spirits, extraterrestrials  and extra-cellestials.

Spirit and animal communication as well as the medical intuitive readings came later in my career.  I discovered that as I continued my own spiritual evolvement, the intuition and ability to communicate became easier and clearer.  We are all gifted with intuition as well as the ability to channel powerful energies.  It is just a matter of practice and a willingness to keep our own “cleaning process” going .

When asked “what do you do?” ,  I most often reply…”whatever is needed”.  It is  a deep honor and  privilege to work with each person who sits with me or calls on the phone for a consultation.

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