NEW Feature: Subscribe To Our Events!

Here at Spiritual Life Productions, we do a significant amount of interaction with our fans on Facebook.  All our public event info is published there, people ask us questions there, we share daily inspirations there…. It’s pretty active.  (You can find our facebook fan page here, btw.)

But now it just got better.

If you are you are on Facebook and you’re a Spiritual Life Productions fan, then I have some really great news to share with you.  Facebook just rolled out a new feature that everyone is going to love.

You can now subscribe to our events page here:

Subscribing to the events page feed will help make sure individual upcoming event info appears in your news feed. Especially as we get closer to each event on the calendar.  So you’ll be less likely to miss out!

If you also “join” a specific event, you’ll be notified automatically when we post/update anything specific to that event. All updates are posted to each specific event page. The best way to stay in the know about a specific event is to join that event. We have a limited number of events per year, and all the information we have for each event is updated there. 

Vendor lists, the free lecture schedules, special features or announcements – this kind of information is not completely set in stone until we get close to an event.  Once something like the lecture schedule is finalized, we post that here on our site, but also specifically to the Facebook event page for that event – so everyone will have access to it.

Many of our vendors join the event page and post updates as well. (Keep in mind that not all of our vendors are necessarily on Facebook though.)  So subscribing to the feed and joining specific events are great ways to keep up with event news as it evolves.

If you have questions – let us know!  In the mean time, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Look for the subscribe button.

Look for the subscribe button.