What Is Aura Photography? – by Marsha Perkins

Aura Photo of Rick Ferguson - One Force Productions

Aura Photo of Rick Ferguson – One Force Productions

Aura photography is a way to capture the energy of your aura in a visual process that we can also analyze. 

Special equipment is used in conjunction with a special camera to capture your essence on film.

Your aura tells a great deal about you. Getting an aura photo taken is like getting a picture taken of your soul.

An aura photo will show light energies that are in and around you.  And the colors and positions all mean things.

The different colors in your aura come from the energy centers of your body, called chakras. Chakra was the Sanskrit word meaning Wheel of Light. The seven chakras include the physical, emotional, spiritual and even intellectual facets of who you really are.

Aura photo of Julia Chambers - Heretical Numerology

Aura photo of Julia Chambers – Heretical Numerology

The colors on your left side are energies that you are attracting or that are around you. The people and environment around you can affect this area. These colors may represent new changes for you.

The colors on your right are the energies you send out. A very smart person may have yellow here. A psychic may have purple here. A very busy person may have red. Nurturing people often have green here.

The colors over your head are representative of what is going on right now. If you are a spiritual person you may have a halo here.

Aura photo of Fran Caruso

Aura photo of Fran Caruso – Intuitive

If you are really lucky, you may have spirits and guides in your picture. Often a family member who has passed away will show up, usually as a whitish, shapeless area near you.

One of the most common questions about aura photography is “Does my aura change?”

The answer is yes it can.  Your aura changes when you change. There are people who don’t change for years. There are some people who can pick up a crystal and their colors change.

When you go through major events in your life, your colors will become different. Examples would include falling in love, aging, becoming a parent or moving to a new city. Even significant injuries can show up in your aura photo.  Taking classes in spiritual awareness is a terrific way to develop a halo.

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Article by Marsha Perkins
Aura Photographer
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