Metaphysical Life Fair In Midland: September 26th – 27th!

Coming up September 26th and 27th, Spiritual Life Productions is proud to present Metaphysical Life Fair in Midland, TX for our West Texas family! 🙂

Come see us at the Grand Texan Hotel and Convention Center (main building).

We only come out west once or twice a year, so please do catch us when we are out your way!

Free lectures run all weekend!
See below for the free lecture schedule and vendor list. (Subject to updates.)

2015 September Midland Metaphysical Fair Lecture Schedule

Down load our PDF vendor list here:

Saturday, September 26th
Sunday, September 27th

Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm

Grand Texan Hotel and Conference Center
4300 Business 20
Midland, TX
(432) 697-3181

$7 each day
Free Lectures! Free door prizes!

See you there!

Yanie Brewer - lectures at Metaphysical Life Fair

Gifts from Lemuria – by Teri Van Horn

Gifts From Lemuria - by Teri Van Horn - Learn more about Lemuria and Atlantis
Throughout history, we’ve heard about how magnificent Atlantis was.

That it was this magical island, where humanity was extremely advanced and where we first learned to work with the energy of crystals, as well as being the originators of the Mystery School teachings of the Hindu, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Western European civilizations.

It’s been ‘common knowledge’ that Atlantean and Lemurian cultures have existed in excess of ten thousand years ago. However, I’ve learned over the years, that many of the things that we’ve learned about Atlantis and her sister island, Lemuria, were very different. [Read more…]

Meditation In Theory And Practice – by Kramer Wetzel

Because there are some questions that Google can’t answer….

Meditation - Spiritual Life Productions - Austin TexasMaybe 28 years ago, a mentor at the time exposed me to true Zen Buddhism meditation. Little tough pillow, a wood stand like a doll’s table, super-esoteric texts, and sitting zazen for several hours a day.

I was exposed. Material crossed my consciousness. I moved on.

In Austin, all those years, I developed a “walking meditation” practice. From the old place in east Austin, it was maybe four miles around the eastern loop of the hike and bike trail, and that was the first iteration. It gave me many experiences that have long been incorporated into my horoscopes and readings. There’s also a sense that I was answering a need for meditation with a walking version. Turns out that walking meditation is a formal process. [Read more…]

Metaphysical Life Fair In Odessa This Weekend!

Coming up this weekend, Spiritual Life Productions is proud to present Metaphysical Life Fair in Odessa, TX this year for our West Texas family! 🙂 

Come see us June 27th & 28th at the MCM Grande Hotel FUNdome in their West Texas Convention Center.

We only come out west once or twice a year, so please do catch us when we are out your way!

Free lectures run all weekend!
See below for the free lecture schedule and vendor list.

2015 June Odessa Metaphysical Fair Lecture Schedule

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Down load our PDF vendor list here:

Saturday, June 27th
Sunday, June 28th

Saturday 10am – 6:30pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm

MCM Grande 
West Texas Convention Center
6201 E. Business 20
Odessa, TX 79762

$7 each day
Free Lectures! Free door prizes!

See you there!

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Here at Spiritual Life Productions, we do a significant amount of interaction with our fans on Facebook.  All our public event info is published there, people ask us questions there, we share daily inspirations there…. It’s pretty active.  (You can find our facebook fan page here, btw.)

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Look for the subscribe button.

Look for the subscribe button.

What Is Aura Photography? – by Marsha Perkins

Aura Photo of Rick Ferguson - One Force Productions

Aura Photo of Rick Ferguson – One Force Productions

Aura photography is a way to capture the energy of your aura in a visual process that we can also analyze. 

Special equipment is used in conjunction with a special camera to capture your essence on film.

Your aura tells a great deal about you. Getting an aura photo taken is like getting a picture taken of your soul.

An aura photo will show [Read more…]

Handouts From The Annual Psychic Prediction Panel at Austin Metaphysical Fair!

Elaine Ireland and Joe Nicols - Austin Metaphysical Life Fair - Texas - Spiritual Life Productions

Elaine Ireland and Joe Nicols

We now have digital copies of the handouts given by each presenter at the January Metaphysical Life Fair’s Free Annual Prediction Panel!

If you missed out on the Annual Prediction Panel at our January Metaphysical Fair this year, or if you’d like another copy of the handouts, you can download them here.

PDF files are only available for the handouts actually given out on panel night.

Prediction Panel Handouts

Just click the presenters’ names below to view and save the 2015 Predictions Handouts (PDF) for each.

Elaine Ireland

Joe Nicols

Terre Walker

Yanie Brewer

There were no handouts for the presentation by Cindy Smith and OSH. 

Thanks for participating and see you in January 2016 for our next Annual Predictions Panel!

Oh! And if you think your friends would be interested in our panel’s psychic predictions for this year, please do share our link!


Austin Metaphysical Fair and Free Annual Psychic Predictions Panel

Spiritual Life Productions (SLP) is proud to present their annual Psychic Predictions Night and Metaphysical Fair taking place January 9th – 11th, 2015!

Austin Metaphysical Life Fair Free Psychic Predictions PanelOn Friday, January 9th at 7pm, join the panelists Yanie Brewer, Elaine Ireland, Joe Nicols, Cindy Smith and Terre Walker for our FREE Psychic Predictions Night in Austin.

Panelists for this year’s represent are some of the most experienced astrologers, psychics and mediums in the Austin area. In addition, Cindy Smith offers an opportunity to channel OSH, the ancient jade skull, to answer questions about 2015 from the audience.

Admission to the 2015 Psychic Predictions Panel is free.

The Fair on Saturday and Sunday offers attendees the opportunity to select from a variety of practitioners presenting many popular metaphysical disciplines including astrology, tarot, palmistry, stone reading, runes, energy healing, aura photography and much more.

In addition preferred merchants will be on hand to offer crystals, jewelry and unique gift items with a level of service seldom seen elsewhere.

Both days also give guests the opportunity to win door prizes and attend free lectures (with paid admission) to learn more about favorite metaphysical topics and subjects.

There’s something for everyone at a Spiritual Life Productions Metaphysical Fair. Come with questions and leave with possibilities!

The Predictions Panel on Friday, January 9th, 7 pm is free.
Admission to the Metaphysical Fair is $5 per person each day.


The Marchesa Hall And Theatre
6406 N. IH-35, Suite 3100
Austin, TX 78752
(GPS location: 6226 Middle Fiskville Rd)

Dates and Times:

FREE Annual Psychic Predictions Panel
Friday – January 9th, 7pm

Metaphysical Fair
Saturday – January 10th: 10am – 6:30pm
Sunday – January 11th: 11am – 6pm

For more information contact Marilyn at

Fairy Godmothers: The Lineage of Austin’s Metaphysical Fair – by Michael Abedin

What was the first metaphysical expo in Austin?

Long-time Austin psychic Elaine Ireland remembers the early 70’s at Aqua Fest, a ten-day August event featuring Town Lake drag boat racing, “Ethnic Nights,” and the créme de la créme” of Austin society riding in river parades.

Elaine Ireland and Joe Nicols - Austin Metaphysical Life Fair - Texas - Spiritual Life Productions

Elaine Ireland and Joe Nicols

Seems numerologist Rita Brown did a reading for someone on the Board of Directors and got invited to read in the circular hallway around the old Palmer Auditorium, a geodesic dome where the Long Center now stands. Five or six readers came along, including Ireland.

“We started every day at noon and read until 9pm, ” she recalls. “There was a line all day, and the reader that was available was who next person in line got.”

Fast forward to 1994, two years before the big Whole Life Expo hit town, when Julie Wilson debuted Austin’s Metaphysical Fair. Declining health forced Wilson to step down in 1999, and she bequeathed her beloved event to Latrell Maples, who ran it until 2011 – when life once again intervened, and the Metaphysical Fair once again got bequeathed.

Integrity, and a left brain

The bequeathee this time was Marilyn Waggoner, who wasn’t a metaphysical practitioner, but was well versed in the community. With an engineering background (inspecting planes for the Navy, and hospitals for OSHA), she brought a new element to a metaphysical world not always grounded in the everyday world – a left brain, ready to organize, make decisions, and revitalize the event.

“I’m on the floor every hour, talking to exhibitors, listening to feedback. You can’t do an event like this without the utmost integrity.” She screens every applicant, and when a waiting list developed for exhibitors for the renamed Metaphysical Life Fair, she started another quarterly two-day event strictly for holistic practitioners – the Holistic Life Fair, naturally. [Read more…]

Staying in Balance with Solstices and Equinoxes – By Kate Braun

One of the things I look for in my Tarot readings is the state of balance or imbalance in my clients’ lives.

When we are balanced, life tends to be easier to manage; when we are out of balance, it can be harder to make decisions or to see what the better option might be.

While I cannot and will not tell my clients what to do or how to live their lives, I do strive to help them find a better balance from which to make better choices. Balance is not only a matter of conscious thinking, it is also connected to the seasonal rhythms of Planet Earth.

Since these seasonal rhythms are felt by everyone, Spirit prompts me to share these thoughts with you.

Winter Solstice Sunrise at Stonehenge - Wiki Commons

Winter Solstice Sunrise at Stonehenge 1980’s

Dear Reader…

Balance is an important part of our lives. We strive to maintain balance between work and play, waking and sleeping, friends and family. There is also the balance we notice, consciously or not, as seasons progress during the year, especially in the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Solstices have to do with the most noticeable differences between daylight and dark hours. The word “solstice” [Read more…]